July 3, 2011

Today I continued on the ever-elusive journey or organization.  I found this really nifty site online that syncs to my phone…so hopefully it’ll be more user friendly and I’ll actually use it.  I’ve always been reluctant to use electronics to keep track of things, not because I’m scared of losing my data, but because it always takes so long to input on my phone.  Why not just use the computer you ask?  Well I don’t carry my computer around with me all the time so that would prove a waste of time in the long run.  BUT NOW I have the solution to all my problems.  I’ve also decided to, instead of printing out my money tracking sheet, I’m just going to fill it in on my computer.  It’s ingenious.  How did I not think of this before? Hahaha.  Also, once I finish my budget sheet then I can follow that on here and hopefully learn how to use excel a little better at the same time.  Peeerrrrfffeeecct.

In other news, I moved out of my apartment last Thursday.  The place was a complete mess once we were out.  Which is mostly my fault but then again not.  Because I’ve been working in Commerce and didn’t have time to finish packing until Thursday actually.  Also, Matt and Mike at the Baptist Home were helping me move and they couldn’t until that day so An and Julie (using my vacuum and cleaning supplies) cleaned out their rooms and then wouldn’t come back to help me clean the rest of the apartment.  They said it didn’t really matter because they were going to have to clean anyway so I was just like whatevs and left. 

But because I moved out and my new lease doesn’t begin until the seventh of this month I’ve been a floater since then.  Cam’s mom let me stay the night Thursday and I was with him a bit on Friday.  We went and finished getting my apartment cleaned out and then paid his rent for his apartment and I signed my lease and then HE CLAIMED HIS INSURANCE AND IS GETTING A NEW PHONE!  Freaking yes, I couldn’t take his not texting and calling and calling him a thousand times and him ditching me and gah.  Oh well.  It’s going to be over tomorrow.  So anyway.  I move in this Thursday.  Buuutttt that’s the last day of Upward Bound so I’m going to have to move in the next day.  Great fun.

So I’m very sleepy and I still want to take this Loan quiz online bc apparently I need open lines of credit to establish credit… you can’t buy anything unless you pay money essentially.  Interest.  Gay.  Goodnight.


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