As of right now I live with two boys.  One is straight and one is gay.  It’s not so bad really.  I mean we have our occasional squabbles and such, but really I enjoy living with them.  However, Steven just let me know a couple of nights ago that he doesn’t intend on renewing the lease.  So I have two options: find a new roommate to live with John and I, or find a new place to live.  I don’t think I know of anyone that wants to live with us that presently attends UTD so it’s pretty obvious that I/we need to find a new place.  John, doesn’t actually know about any of this yet so I’m trying to figure out what I want to do before he finds out and I accidentally commit to something that may not be the best option for me.

I’m thinking about moving out and living by myself.  Which, honestly, is something I never thought I’d do.  I grew up in a big household and I’ve always enjoyed being around people….but I’m thinking now that living alone has more perks than side effects.

  • Living alone would mean that my messiness wouldn’t bother anyone else
  • I could decorate how I wanted
  • My cats wouldn’t bother or mess up anyone else’s belongings
  • I really like being alone now more than I ever did
  • I can blast whatever music I like any time I like
  • I can burn candles and incense whenever I please
  • I don’t have to worry about whose turn it is to clean the stove and when I don’t feel like cleaning by laziness won’t bother the roommates because I wouldn’t have any!
  • I can actually have people over 🙂 because I do miss being able to do that
  • I can turn the air or heater on as much or little as I like because I’m the only one paying the bill
  • If I have late fees it’s no one else’s fault but myself
  • I can walk around naked if I want to
  • No hostile living environments when you are in an argument with a roommate 😛


  • Having roommates means you don’t have to pay all the flat bills in full like trash, internet, deposits, etc.
  • There’s always someone there when you need to talk to want to just be with someone
  • Sharing chores is easier than doing it all yourself
  • It’s generally much cheaper to share rent than live in a one bedroom

Alright so from those lists…I feel like it’s kind of settled.  Haha.  I’m living alone.  The only question now is where… I would love to live on campus but I’m not down for paying over $700 in rent every month for crappy service and semi-par living conditions.  Not to mention the wonderful UTD PD… The Amli really is kind of expensive, McCallum a wee bit sketch, the complex I’m at now would also be in the 700-800 range and that is no bueno.  There’s still a lot of research to do, and there’s also a few wrenches in the works.  First, our lease ends in May.  Which would be fine if I could get another apartment in May.  I suppose I could, but I really want to work at Upward Bound in Commerce again this summer and that’s a whole month I don’t have to pay rent.  I could also just stay in Waxahachie for the second half of the summer and not have to pay a ton of rent and so save that way as well (I’m gonna need the savings because I plan on hiring movers this time around haha I am so tired of MOVING not to mention trying to go to New York…but that’s just an idea).  So I really can’t even look at apartments for a while…which is scary.  I would rather just be secure in the fact that I know where I’m living next year, but can’t have every thing.  And hey, at the very least, I’m sure I could crash on some couches and pay an extra couple of months rent to the storage facility haha.  It would be fun…ish.

Anyway, I have a little while.  Just needed to get a few things off my chest, thanks for listening 🙂


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