Taylor, Texting, and Tea

There’s this girl.  Her name is Taylor.  She’s really freaking awesome and I wish that someday I could be as cool as her.

That’s not the point, though.  She never wants to hang out with me! It makes me very sad on the inside.  I thought at first she was busy, and then I found that she’d been hanging with our Big and my mortal enemy which made me feel a little betrayed, and finally I realized that usually when I feel left out it’s my fault.

Sigh.  Yes, it’s time I told you…I’m a terrible texter.  This doesn’t seem like a bad thing at first, but really when you take the time to think about it, it can turn out quite terribly.  For example, what if my Little were to text me one morning.  So I answer the first text, she sends a reply, I respond and so on for around four cycles.  Well, really she was just checking to see if I was awake and making small talk because she didn’t want to wake me up with terrible news.  So we exchange the typical hellos and how are yous and then once she feels like she’s ready to tell me the news she’s been dreading for two months now….I don’t text her back because the microwave beeped so I went to grab my tea and forgot all about that…text message…

What I didn’t know, though was that she’d borrowed money from a loan shark.  A bad one.  The kind that not only kills people, he sends their lifeless bodies to their mothers afterwards then takes pictures of their reactions while hiding behind the bushes and goes on to post them on twelve-year-old’s fbooks with the complete story behind it.

She was texting me to ask for five more dollars.  That’s all she needed.  She’s spent the last two months pimping out her cat and washing windows at street corners to try and earn back all that money (I don’t know what she spent it on because well…she never got a chance to tell me) but she still lacked a single five dollar bill.

Now I had a five in my wallet.  I just got change after I’d bought some cheese tots and a cherry coke from Sonic the day before actually.  I could have just driven over to her house (or met her halfway, poor thing was about to go and meet a killer!) and then she could have passed that along to the dude and we would have just gone to get coffee afterwards.  But I was enjoying my tea while her mother was getting photographed!!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOO!

Well not really, but see what not texting back can cause sometimes? It’s very sad.  So I’ve been trying to work on this little issue of mine but it’s so hard.  Sometimes I just don’t have anything to say at that present point in time so I set my phone down and then all is lost.  Actually, that’s what happens 99% of the time.  So I’m technically ignoring people but it’s completely inadvertent.

I’m not really sure how to solve this problem, but the mission to accomplish this task is ongoing.  I feel I’ve made progress, especially concerning phone calls.  I actually answer my phone now (except it’s been not receiving phone calls when I know people have called me and some of my calls to other people don’t show up even though it rings and everything) so it just looks like I’m acting like my phone isn’t ringing or that their phone is messed up because I forgot to call.  Well this is not the case!  My phone is contributing to my image as a jerk who ignores people and I’m getting FED UP.  Jk Android, ❤

Today, though, I only didn’t respond to two texts messages out of four.  Actually that’s pretty terrible but I was at work so maybe it doesn’t count?

I’ll work on that.


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