That Girl Who Stares at Me

There’s this girl in my MIS class that sits in the front row that I am starting to dislike more and more even though I have never spoken to her.  

First off, during my detox she had the NERVE to bring a Papa John’s pizza and eat it in class.  So that right there was a bad first move.  Secondly (and this one is actually serious), she is constantly looking behind her at everyone else in the class.  Now I afford myself a quick glance every now and then, usually at the beginning of the semester, but she is non-stop turning around staring at people.  Staring.  She’s in the front row!  You forfeit the right to creep on other people in class when you choose that spot!

So I’ve started staring right back at her and standing my ground.  Like not even blinking.  I figured she’d start to realize that people were aware she was looking at them and quit it.  However, now she just stares at me more… What the crap man.  It’s really disconcerting and I really don’t know what to do now that I’ve started this game with her.  It makes me uncomfortable and I do not like it hahaha.  I guess I’ll try ignoring her but so help me if she brings another pizza into class it’s on.


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