Cat Fail Sail

My Little and I decided to go and study at IHOP last night.  I probably shouldn’t be spending money on frivolous things like the International House of Pancakes but I was tempted by the bottomless coffee, the steady buzz of conversation which is my ideal study music, and the idea of using someone else’s electricity to adequately light my surroundings.  My Little wanted pancakes.

So we arrive and are seated in Julio B’s section on the far left of the restaurant- away from most other customers.  Our only company is a family of three, the third being a little toddler who kept smiling at me.  Although my little wasn’t sure if it was a smile or a grimace, it was definitely a smile I will admit she looked a little constipated.  So our server, Julio, comes and takes our drink order but it takes him like ten minutes to get our food order because ordering food at a restaurant is one of the hardest things in the world for me.  I get overwhelmed by all the choices on the menu and my stomach becomes disoriented and can’t decide what actually sounds good so it usually takes me an average of 21.52 minutes to decide on a meal.  Moral of the story- don’t go out to eat with me.

Our food arrives I decided on scrambled eggs and pancakes- such an intricate meal, I know) and we’re eating when this other server comes up and starts asking us about what we’re studying and making small talk.  Attention Sir, I know you don’t care about what we’re studying and considering you look thirty something I’m betting that isn’t a promise ring on your finger so please stop.  He leaves finally and then waved goodbye to us while we was leaving.  I guess that means we’re all besties now…yay.

We also had the delightful opportunity to overhear the manager talking with another server about the $450 pen he’d bought as well as his Rolex and other pointless, expensive items.   I’m not sure why he decided the server needed to know about all the compensation purchases he’d made but I am pretty sure me meant for us to hear him.  Okay, Mr. Manager of the IHOP, watch me be impressed.

We finish eating and poor Julio comes up and asks if we would like him to take care of our checks because he’s cut and we we’re still chilling in his booth.  I tipped him extra because I felt bad for keeping him.  So he leaves and we continue to study over by ourselves on the empty side of IHOP.  I wonder if they put us over there because they knew we’d be there forever.

Let me just say that by this point I’ve had way too much coffee, but that wasn’t stopping me from drinking more.  I was slowly turning into a giant giggly mess.  I’d gotten a couple of chapters done but our study breaks were progressively getting longer and louder.  Amount of minutes spent studying < Amount of minutes spent wasting life on Youtube.

Special guest lecturers included Charlie the Unicorn, Cat Fail Sail, and Sh*t Sorority Girls Say.

All in all, I got three and a half chapters done and spent unnecessary money on semi-good food and beverage, watched a lady hold the lettuce of her salad down with one hand while she used her other to cut the leaves with a knife, saw an older lady breeze past me squeezed into pre-teen clothes, and was blinded by a could “gold” teeth.  But I learned a valuable lesson, just because you put an IHOP in Plano doesn’t mean that the ghetto can’t follow.



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