Happy Halloween says the Burrito

Woke up late.  Didn’t go running.  Finished drawing and coloring a sign before breakfast (TSM).  Got halfway ready and then took a nap (yes, a nap at 11am) before getting the other half of me ready.  Made some delicious coffee and heated up my awesome miso soup to take to campus with me.

Had to be on campus from noon until two to work the Theta Halloween Booth which I was sooo excited about.  I’ve been pushing for Theta to give away free stuff for like a year now and they finally agreed to Halloween candy.

Why was I so excited?  Because EVERY TIME you walk through the SU someone is there sitting at their little booth asking for money.  I don’t want to give you my money, I want my money.  So I figured, who doesn’t want free stuff?  I know I certainly enjoy it.  In fact, receiving free things makes me happy.  So getting free candy from Theta should make other people happy.  Who doesn’t want to effortlessly make other people happy?? Yay!  How exciting! (said no one but me)

So that was over and the next Halloween activity was grocery shopping with my Little (at Tom Thumb because I really dislike Walmart- gross).  Menu of the week: fruit for breakfast, freaking awesome veggie burgers with spicy sweet potato fries, fish tacos with avocado sauce and various snacks.  Why is food so delicious.  Non grocery (but vital) items: sulfate free, color-safe, repairing shampoo for the little and hard cider for the me.  Angry Orchard, thank you Andrew.

So far, Halloween is going great (not really) as you can plainly tell, but it gets soooo much better once you factor in a burrito bowl.  After we finished shopping we began preparations for Chipotle’s $2 burritos (as long as you come in a costume).  I threw on my usual Indian (feather, not dot) costume, Ryan was a Mexican (that one was a stretch), and my Little wore a horse…


We arrive at Chipotle and are walking up when Ryan notices a small empty plastic bag on the ground in the parking lot and says something like, “Oh look a drug baggy, haha”.  Well then two guys we hadn’t noticed in the car we were standing next to started busting out laughing and high-fiving each other.  Must have been pre-gaming Chipotle.  Oh lord. Hahahahaha.

Split a vegetarian burrito bowl with the Little as well as some chipitos and a cup of guacamole and was pleasantly satisfied.  If Chipotle stopped existing…I wouldn’t want taste-buds anymore.

I drove home (almost killed everyone in the car on the way), changed out of my costume, and enjoyed some cider with Ryan.  The rest of my night consisted of lounging around like an American and doing nothing Halloween related or even overly fun.  Good God.  Please remind me to enjoy the next holiday and make sure the highlight isn’t a burrito.


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