Just Wing it? Never

I had a project for MIS (that was assigned at the start of the semester) due on the 27th of this month.  So two days ago.  My group was great in that we all were sociable and got along but we failed to actually plan ahead and really do anything in advance for this presentation.

I had made a fbook group much earlier for us to communicate through and we’d all posted our contact information and such but that was about it.  So break hits and we’ve talked about meeting but hadn’t set anything in stone and are obviously starting strong.  Well they ended up meeting on Sunday and coordinated the meeting via fbook which is great except for the fact that I didn’t get on all weekend because my birthday was the 24th and the thought of having to respond to all of my birthday wishes was daunting.  No one texted me so I had no idea they had even met.  I had texted a couple people and found out that only three of them met so Andrew and I were the only ones left in the dark.

I feel bad enough about this.  I’ve never been that person that didn’t do any work and it was happening.  Crap.  So then the first person I text refers me to another person in the group who doesn’t respond to me for hours.  I’m thinking, well this sucks, are they excluding me and Andrew?  I didn’t mean to be a lazy bum and they were giving me no chance to make up for it.  The response lag widened and I started frantically texting Andrew worried until finally Jacob responded to us and told us all we had to do was add pictures to the power point.

Easy enough.

So Monday night Andrew comes over with his friend and a Tommy gun full of vodka.  Best “study” session ever.

It didn’t take too long.  Andrew added some pics and adjusted the format of the slides a bit then we adjourned.  Jacob had mentioned that he would have a paper with notes on it that we could share so I wasn’t too worried about not being prepared because the professor didn’t seem particularly worried about presentation skills as long as the information seemed right and the slides were visibly appealing and put together well. Should be simple.

I text one of the other girls an hour or so before class and tell her I’d meet her as soon as I could because I’d left my coffee pot on and had to run home.  I almost didn’t go home but then I remembered we don’t have any smoke detectors because our landlords want us to die so I went ahead and did the responsible thing (although the responsible thing to do would not forget to turn it off in the first place but eh).  I finally get to the classroom and don’t see her so I text her and wait and wait and finally she and the other girl show up and I follow them into the classroom.  I’m a little stressed at this point because class starts in less than 15 minutes and I have no idea what I’m supposed to be presenting.  So I ask them what’s going on and they look at me like deer in headlights.

Great news.

I press them and finally Rae says something to the effect of. “Well I figured we’d all just stand up there and take turns reading the slides.” No planning, no details, just seat of our pants talking.  WHAT?!  So I incredulously ask her if we’re pop-corning our presentation and they just look at me and kinda shrug then start talking about Jacob not fulfilling the duties he said he’d do (which I’m sure if they were talking about him not doing work he offered to do they had talked about me doing next to no work.  Bummer).  I just stare at them and can feel the anxiousness twisting through me and I freak and just turn around and leave.

I was seriously about to just leave and tell them my dad had a stroke or something and figure how to get the points from the professor another way.  I was so nervous even thinking about getting up there and making a fool of myself I just wanted to puke on everything.

So I called Andrew and told him we were screwed and that I was leaving.  He ended up finding me in the stairwell and physically dragged me back to class.  I offered him $20 at the door to back up a story but he declined.  Darn.

We walked in a couple minutes late and Jacob ended up being there with the sheet of paper like he said he would but by that point I was so stressed I couldn’t even read the words so I wouldn’t take the stupid paper and tossed it back at Andrew like a two-year-old.  I just sat there with my head in my hands letting the anxiousness destroy my will for while and being mean to Andrew until some kind of sense kicked in and I started to calm down enough to be able to read and take in the details on Jacob’s paper.

I read it.  Waited.  We presented. Then class was over and I was still alive.

I’m such an idiot sometimes.  I feel better after apologizing to Andrew but good lord I have some growing up to do hahaha although if Jacob hadn’t had that paper I still might have left because I refuse to stand in front of a class and fumble around.

Pop-corning a presentation.  You’ve GOT to be kidding me.


One thought on “Just Wing it? Never

  1. Gretchen says:

    Love your writing.
    -Aunt Gretchen

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