Trapped in a Parking Garage

Saturday was an interesting night.  I experienced my first open bar and that went…well.  Too well some might say.

After all of that, I end up in uptown trying to meet a friend at a bar.  He lives like right across the street so he told me to park in the garage, go down to the first floor, then walk across and meet him.  Simple enough.

So I park up on the seventh level of this parking garage and am waiting in my car for him to tell me to come because I didn’t want to be wandering around aimlessly in the middle of the night (morning) in case he was having too much fun and failed to check his phone for a bit.  I haven’t been there very long when a security guard comes up and taps on my window.  He freaked me out and I’m so concerned about looking in control of myself I just open the door as opposed to fumbling with my keys and trying to roll the window down…which was awkward I feel in hindsight.  He asks me if I’m okay and I’m just like yeah I’m waiting for my friend to get back to his apartment and I won’t be out here too much longer.  He seems satisfied I’m not dying or trying to kill anyone else so he tells me to have a good night and leaves.  But now I’m freaked out because obviously there are cameras and people can see me so I have to act like I know what I’m freaking doing even though I don’t know where I’m going and would have been unsure even if I hadn’t experienced some distilled grapes earlier!  I couldn’t stay in the car any longer, I decide, so I venture over to the door of the building so as to get to the elevator.

In order to get to the elevators, you have to be buzzed through by a resident, so I scroll down to his name and the system calls him and then I’m in and feeling like the security guard isn’t too suspicious at this point.  I walk to the elevator and try not to look too crazy as I push the button and wait for it to arrive, then travel down to the first floor.  I’m almost there and only one embarrassing thing has happened so far.  Going well.

I exit the elevator and walk though the door back into the garage, but on the first floor this time.  I’m not really sure where I’m going and am walking alone trying to put on a confidence show for the CAMERAS so I just start walking and I find another door buuutttt you can’t get through without a resident card.  Ummm.  The only other exit I see is a gate for cars but the opening was definitely not big enough for me, was probably not going to open if I stood in front of it, and there was no way I was going to examine it further for fear of being seen looking less than competent.  On the way out the first door I noticed a hallway so I started to walk over towards it because I didn’t want anyone (security guard) to think I didn’t know what I was doing.  However, that ended up being a dead-end.  Whoops.

My last option was to text my friend and admit that I was retarded and trapped myself in a parking garage.  Sigh.  Now I know why my friends keep me around, I just get myself into hilarious pickles.  Needless to say he finds me hiding down that hallway and doesn’t even make fun of me so everything worked out.

In retrospect, there was probably another way out of that garage.  And when I find it I am going to feel much sillier than I already do.  Also, I probably should have died.  Number One, I drove to Uptown; Number Two, I just opened my car door for a stranger; Number Three, I was wandering around a concrete lined parking garage by myself!  Good Lord.

Well, even Superman has a weakness.  I guess mine is a parking garage.


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