New Years Resolutions

On the way back tonight (this morning) from Waxahachie I was brainstorming about possible new years resolutions I could adopt for the coming year.  I have to choose wisely because I intend on actually following through with it all year long.

I had always viewed resolutions as something you only really planned to work on for a couple of months and was accustomed to the fact that people never kept them for long.  Actually the idea that anyone ever made a resolution with the goal to keep it until the end of the year never even crossed my mind.  How very sad, hahaha, taking failure as acceptable and a given.  So when my friend, Sarah, told me last year in December that she had almost made it to the end of the year with her resolution (she actually did make it all the way through though), not only was my mind blown, but I was super motivated!

I decided that I wasn’t going to eat red meat for an entire year.

Geeeezzzzz.  So hard.  No burgers, no steaks, no bacon. A daunting challenge to say the least, but here I am in December and I’m still going strong! Sooooo proud of myself!

Obviously now I know it is possible for me to stick to a resolution all year so I want to do it again, because if I didn’t…well that just wouldn’t be progress. However, deciding on what to do is proving difficult.  I want to choose something that is challenging and health related but no so radical that it will seriously interfere with my broke, college life.

In the car, I was toying with the idea of not drinking soda anymore and not having fast food but felt those were both very extreme and I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

However, now that I’m home and sitting in my room, I’m looking around and see the trash I left from the few hermit days I experienced after finals were over before I left for Hachie. I feel like a fat ass.  There’s a bag full of taco bell trash, an empty two liter bottle of mountain dew, a bag that used to contain marshmallows, and like three other separate cans of soda in and around the taco bell bag… I feel like I should be king of my own fat, trash hill.

So there’s that, and there’s how I feel after absolutely stuffing myself with all the delicious sweets and processed foods that were available to me for free while I was at my parents house the past two days. Ugh. Suddenly the idea of not having fast food for a year sounds amazing actually.

It will be a true test of willpower, but I think I can do it.

The exceptions would be things such as Chipotle, Jimmy John’s, Subway, etc.  And while all of those places close fairly early (well 10 p.m. so depends on who you’re asking as to whether that’s early or not haha) I’d still have Wendy’s and their delicious salads.  I’m not even kidding when I say delicious.  If you haven’t had a salad from Wendy’s go get one right now.  And enjoy that bad boy.

As for soda, I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to manage that one no problem.  I quit drinking dark sodas around the summer time and have already seriously cut back on my consumption (obviously excluding my finals binge) so I don’t crave them or anything anymore.  The only issue would be drinking.  What else would I pair with my alcohol?! Hahahaha I guess I’m gonna have to start getting creative with it. Oh well, if all else fails there’s always good ol’ trustworthy shots (<== only partially kidding about that).

So my tentative (but most likely going to be) New Years Resolutions are

  • No fast food (excluding Chipotle, Subway, Wendy’s salads, any vegetable sold from a fast food chain, etc.)
  • No sodas, period
  • No energy drinks (excluding when I’m drinking…baby steps, come on guys give me a break)

Bring it on 2013


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