Old blog from June 18 I found in my documents, Enjoy!

It’s a Monday morning at the beauty store.  Only the second Monday I’ve ever worked actually because Mondays come with added responsibilities such as completing supply and nail polish inventory.  No big deal, but Charlene just taught me how recently so she can schedule me now.

So I got all that finished and was completing the TIGI inventory when a customer (the second of the day) came in.  I called out ‘Good Morning’ from the back, per my usual, and got no response.  Perfect- one of those.  So I amble up to the register and watch as she takes down a tube from the top shelf of Alterna.  She takes the second one down also and replaces the first because I’m sure she thinks it’s the newer of the two.  I just laughed to myself because little does she know that she actually got the older one.  This is the beauty store lady, we don’t rotate stock like Wal-Mart so in your FACE!

She walks up to the register with her tube of thickening paste and throws it on the counter.  I have to be honest and say I’m getting annoyed despite my secret victory of her actually picking the older product, but I smile at her regardless.  But I am met with an ‘I don’t care about you or anyone one else’ stare.  So I abandon my attempt at talking with her and start to ring up the tube and place it in a bag.  I tell her the total and wait for her response because she has offered no payment so far due to being busy reading our new sign informing customers we will be ceasing to accept checks come this July.

So I’m just waiting for her to acknowledge me and started to really look at her.  She was wearing a plain, gray, slightly baggy t-shirt with loose navy shorts that went to just past her knee and finished her style with a very decorative fanny pack secured around her midsection.  Her hair had not been brushed for…a good couple days and was sticking up everywhere.  I assumed at first that maybe she’d just gotten her hair done and was coming to purchase some last minute necessary product, but somehow I don’t think that was the case.

After I take all this in I think, “Maybe I have misjudged her.  Maybe she’s just not the same as me and doesn’t mean to be rude.”  I put the smile back on my face just as she asks if she could write a check.  I say of course, yada yada July,  you can today, blah blah, nice nice nice which is met with another blank stare.  She then repeats the total to me, I confirm that yes- this Alterna product you are trying to purchase really is $20.51 (which for the record isn’t bad for Alterna).  She just stares at me for another three seconds and then turns and walks out of the store…slamming the door open as she left.

I’m standing here a bit dumbfounded.  A part of me is like, “You really think you’re going to find Alterna at a cheaper price somewhere?  Good Luck” and another part of me is kind of mad because she was rude to me and expected the best when all she was sending out were bad vibes.  Gah.

Oh well, I was nice to her and there was nothing else I could do.  Also another customer just came in and she did say hi back to me.  I’m going to help her now!  Woooo!


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