Merry Christmas, Tyche

This may get a bit confusing, but some background information is necessary in order to understand the entire situation.

I have a small apartment of sorts I retain in Waxahachie throughout the year that I am able to stay in when I’m in town visiting.  It’s not really an apartment but is one of six units within a larger house and so I have to be inside the actual house before I can get into my apartment.  Meaning, the door to my unit isn’t on the outside, each apartment opens up into the long hallway inside the main house and each one has its own unique lock on the door like a normal apartment would.  I suppose you could describe it like a dorm.  There is a main common area, kitchen, and laundry room while each subunit has its own small bedroom, closet, bathroom, living area, and kitchenette.  Alright so, in addition to myself, my brother still has an apartment there he’s able to stay in when he’s not in Waco (he attends college there) and my sister, Kaylee, lives there all the time.

So I decided to bring my cat with me to Waxahachie this time because I’d planned on being here for over four days and there would be no one at my house to make sure she didn’t die.  I’ve done this before, and even though I’m not technically supposed to have animals over in my apartment, I felt bringing her would be better than hoping she’d still be breathing when I got back home to her.  It’s not a big deal and I’ve done it before.  I put her little harness on her and wrap the leash around the passenger seat so she can’t get up underneath the seats or down by the pedals and she’s “content” to sit on the back of the passenger seat or on the middle console while we’re driving around.  She’s my furry, little riding buddy.

We make it to Hachie with no problems, get inside, I set up the litter box and food and everything was great.  Awesome.  My child is taken care of.

Now the other issue is, when I am in Waxahachie, I spend most of my time at my mom’s house and only really go over to the apartment to shower and sleep (although depending on how cold it is or how badly I want cable, I’ll sleep at my parents’ house too).  So Tyche was just chilling over in the apartment without me, keeping my brother and sister company, while I was hanging out at my parents’ house.  Also it should be noted that my parents’ house and my apartment are only like 100 yards apart so I can easily walk between the two whenever I want.

Fast-forward to Christmas Eve and I drop my brother off at the apartment (we’d just gotten back from Eve of the Christmas festivities in Grand Prairie) around midnight before telling him good-bye and heading over to sleep in my mom’s recliner (where I normally sleep when I stay over).  He was planning on leaving that night because he was eager to get back to Waco to spend time with some friends from down there and wasn’t planning on returning to Hachie for a few months so I hug him and we parted ways.  No big deal.

The next afternoon, I head over to the apartment to shower and was surprised that Tyche didn’t greet me at the door like she normally does but I just figured she was sleeping somewhere.  It’s a large house and there are plenty of places a cat might find interesting to sleep in so I wasn’t worried.  I walked down to my room and was calling her but when I didn’t see her in my room and she wasn’t responding to me yelling for her I started to freak out a little.  The owners of the building had given keys to a few people who were in town visiting for the holidays so they could utilize the beds in a couple of the spare rooms, which would have been fine normally, but I just kept thinking that they had let my child out accidentally and she’d run out to the street and thus met her doom.

So I begin yelling her name more loudly and pacing throughout the house like a normal person who isn’t destined to become a crazy cat lady would and can faintly hear her meowing and it hits me that she’s just in a room so I calm down.  I go to my sister’s room because she’s the only other person there and start to open the door but it was locked so I’m calling for both Kaylee and Tyche through the door but her meows are definitely NOT coming from behind Kaylee’s shut door.  Realization dawns and right as I’m trying to open my brother’s locked door Kaylee comes out of her room and informs me that MY BABY IS TRAPPED IN MY BROTHER’S ROOM WHO WAS LOOONNNNG GONE IN WACO!

I immediately begin the search for my brother’s spare key that I know exists but have no idea the location of.  I’m on top of couches looking on top of lights, inside drawers, pulling books out of shelves checking the tops and the spaces behind them, frantically pulling papers out of the mailbox on the wall, checking the tops of drawers in case he’d taped it up there, basically any place I could think of to check I did.  However, the search proved futile and I ended up just sitting outside his door on the floor with my sister shoving food (precious calories) underneath the door for my baby.  I stuck my fingers under the door at one point and she immediately started purring which made me feel EVEN WORSE.  Obviously I should never have actual children of my own because who knows where I could lose them.

I had to send my brother emails and wait (impatiently) all day for him to respond because he doesn’t have a cell phone.  At one point I was just pacing because I felt so bad and had no idea what to do.  He ended up getting back to me around eight and as soon as he told me where the key was I threw some shoes on and sprinted over to the house to find it and save my baby!  Kaylee managed to unlock the door because I was freaking out and the knob had to be maneuvered just so for it to unlock, but she did it and there was a moment of silence between the door opening and Tyche appearing but then there she was and I was so happy!!!

We immediately frolicked down to my room so she could use the potty and get some refreshing water and it was beautiful!  Amazingly, there was no poo or anything anywhere in the room.  I have the best cat ever, seriously.

Tomorrow the two of us are gonna spend all day together and she’s going to get her Christmas presents and it’s going to be beautiful!

Sigh, maybe I should add not locking my cat inside a room for almost an entire day to my New Years Resolutions… Merry Christmas, Tyche :/ whoops!

Tyche and I in Hachie :)

Tyche and I in Hachie 🙂


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