Bumbling Idiot

Oh hello, so today I learned that I need to start using context clues.

I was running around my parents’ house trying to gather all my belongings so I could pack them up and get back to Dallas.  I didn’t end up going back today but just relocated to my apartment I have in Waxahachie.

So ANYWAY, I went into the TV room to grab my yoga DVD I’d left in there but there were people in there watching TV.  No big deal, I’ll just grab the DVD out of the player and leave right quick, they won’t even notice I was there.

I went up to the TV and saw that there was a red light on the DVD player so I pushed the power button to turn it on then the eject button and couldn’t figure out why the drawer wasn’t opening.  I try pushing it again and while I’m waiting for the silly technology to respond I start looking for the DVD case so I can be ready to quickly pop it in there once I can get the darn thing out of the player.

One of the people on the couch tells me that she already put the DVD back in the case, and I’m like cool that was nice of her.  So I stand up and find the buttons on the side of the TV to change the input back to TV so that I don’t inconvenience them during their movie.

They start protesting and I don’t really think about why until…

I realize that they’ve been watching a DVD MOVIE and I’m an IDIOT!  How old am I?! 80?!  I basically went right in and because the power button on the DVD is red and not green I assumed they were watching TV instead of a DVD so I just turned the whole thing off.  Which explains why it wasn’t turning on.  Sheesh.

I asked for my DVD then apologetically left the room with my tail between my legs in shame and embarrassment.

I’m so embarrassed.  My face is red just thinking about it and it happened a good eight hours ago! Hahahahaha I guess that’s what happens when you assume…


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