Things I Found Interesting Today

Here are a few things for you to experience:

#1.Pomegranate Guacamole

Guacamole with a twist: add tequila and pomegranate seeds.



#2. 90 Healthy, No-Heat, Lunches



#3. How Interesting

I know someone who has met President George W. Bush, President Obama, and Biden.  They swam in Biden’s pool!  What!


#4. Muffin

If you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle or care about your fitness, this is an excellent resource.  From recipes to at home workouts, this site is filled with helpful information.  I think I’ve found my new best friend.


#5. Samasati Nature Resort in Costa Rica

I will go here one day.  It has officially been placed on my bucket list. It’s a resort in the middle of the rain forest in Costa Rica!  They have yoga retreats, tours, massages, rain forest tours, white water rafting, waterfall trekking, horseback riding, surfing lessons, BEACHES- need I say more?

vw sea5 from3


#6. Get your Daily Water with Style



#7. AWOLNATION’s “Kill Your Heroes” Music Video

This isn’t the official video but it is hilarious just the same.  Watch it, you will be amused.



One thought on “Things I Found Interesting Today

  1. Michele says:

    The resort in Costa Rica looks amazing! I love AWOLNATION and the video was awesome.

    Your Stalking Aunt

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