From Smoothies to Opportunities

Life hands you different opportunities everyday; some are small while others are life changing. You just have to be willing to appreciate them for what they are and accept them.

Let me tell you about a time Jamba Juice presented me with such an opportunity.

It was a day like any other. People were coming in for their smoothie fix, I’d do my best to deliver a mouth-watering beverage, then they’d leave with considerably lighter wallets but happy nonetheless. The particular time of day I’d like to discuss, however, was a tad busier than usual so I wasn’t able to provide my typically amazing customer service due to the line. This was probably for the best in the long run because…well, just let me finish my story.

I remember one customer in particular because she had forgotten her keys initially and so had to come back to retrieve them. She was very grateful we had found them, as most individuals would be, so thanked us and left. Or so I thought.

A few minutes later the same woman returned and walked up to the register where she proceeded to stand and wait to talk to me. Please keep in mind that we were pretty busy at this point so I glanced over and smiled at her to let her know I saw her, but then continued taking orders.

That was obviously the wrong thing to do because she took that as a green light to interrupt the other customer and ask if she could give me her number.

I was baffled and just stood there with my mouth open because I had no idea how to handle this novel scenario I found myself in for a couple different reasons.

  1. She interrupted the other customer mid-order (who, by the way, was ignoring the exchange due to finding something very intriguing on the menu board to ponder).
  2. The lobby is FULL of people who weren’t expecting dinner and a show, I’m sure.
  3. Let me reiterate that this was a WOMAN, middle-aged at that, so cue the fact that I look like a pre-teen.

Now don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t care less about all that; but I had never been hit on by a girl and I’m pretty bad at getting hit on by guys even. Long story short —> awkward.

Meanwhile, I’m still just staring at her so she puts a folded piece of paper in front of me on the register, says, “just call me”, then leaves. I finish taking orders (trying to pretend like that didn’t just happen and that my face isn’t bright red as a result) and go to the back to chill for a second. The first thing my manager says to me is, “See, I told you that you looked like a lesbian.” Awesome. Thanks, Henry.

But wait, there’s more!

Eventually I opened the paper (because, well curiosity and that cat) and found what you would normally expect: a name and a number. But then I turned it over and written on the back was something along the lines of, “Hey you’re really cute. If you ever want to get into entertainment give me a call. $1000+ per night.” BAM! I’m thinking either stripper, prostitute, or escort and I really wanted to text her solely to find out which it was. But I didn’t because curiosity killed that cat and he’s just fucking dead.

My point is life presents you with opportunities all the time. Sometimes you take them and really benefit. And sometimes you take them and turn into a crack whore.

I’ll stick to smoothies.


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