Polyphasic Sleep Day 4

I overslept during my core sleep!


Apparently I just pressed the mute button on my computer which I don’t remember doing.  I will have to move my laptop further from me next time so this doesn’t happen again.  I might also keep all the lights on and sleep with a blindfold for my core sleep that way I don’t wake up in the dark.  I feel like taking these precautions will help me to get up and actually wake up because oversleeping cannot happen anymore.

I overslept about two and a half hours, which is really discouraging but I don’t plan on giving up any time soon so it’s okay, I’ll just have to do it better from now on.  As a result, I wasn’t tired hardly at all today.  It’s funny, I’d almost rather be sleepy then because I wouldn’t have overslept! However, I did maintain the schedule today, I still took my naps like I was supposed to even though I wasn’t tired.  I noticed that I got a little foggy right before my third nap.  Whether this was due to me really being tired or my body understanding that I was about to nap, I don’t know.  Probably the former though because, let’s be serious, it’s only been four days.

I didn’t exercise at all today.  Whoops.  Wasn’t very motivated I suppose.  Go figure as to why.  I also didn’t really eat anything good for me either.  Geez one thing goes wrong and my day goes out the window! Hahaha.  Get it together, Julie!

Interesting point: I took my first nap somewhere besides my house today.  I was hanging out with my friend, Danielle, for a while today and 6:40 rolled around so I wrapped my scarf around my eyes and passed out on her love-seat while she read a book.  That’s not awkward, right? Haha, no really it’s fine.  I’ve known that girl for over 10 years, I doubt there’s anything I could do that would make her uncomfortable.

Since most of how I felt is irrelevant due to me getting too much of sleep, the last thing I will mention is my experiencing the same cracked out mood as yesterday, today.  It set in towards the end of my second waking period, so around 5 pm, and is still going strong!


Polyphasic Sleep Day 3

Quality of sleep for day three was just alright.  I woke up at 2 am because I was uncomfortable (probably because I sleep in a recliner when I’m at my parents’ house, duh) and so I had to readjust my body and then my blindfold but I was having a dream so that’s a good sign.  I believe it had something to do with picking out a Christmas tree with the Grinch… but yeah so I don’t recall any other dreams throughout the day, unfortunately.  However, I did fall asleep rather quickly for all of my naps.  And I did not take an extra nap before 8 am today.

When I woke up at three I was very cold for a long while but was productive and alert.  Most likely due to the fact that my mom was still awake so I went out in the dining room with her and got on the computer.  However, I was extremely tired after my eight o’clock nap (starting around 10) and almost didn’t make it to my next nap.  At the end I was mindlessly eating celery sticks to keep myself focused.  I was watching a documentary before this but I had to put on regular TV to try to catch my attention.  It was the pits.  I was still a little fatigued after waking up from my second nap but my level of alertness increased the later it got.  I didn’t even want to take my third nap and woke up from it very refreshed and very alert and motivated.

Physically my calves felt fine so my muscles recovered normally but I pulled a muscle in my chest during yoga so I’m not sure if it was because of fatigue or my body just isn’t used to yoga yet and two days in a row got me.  It was fine after some light stretching though. I didn’t run today but I don’t see running being an issue.  I did notice that my adenoids were a little swollen in the period between my first and second naps and I was worried I might be getting sick, or at least was more susceptible to my allergy symptoms, but the discomfort diminished as the day progressed.

Overall, I think this day went really well.  By the end I was hyper even!  Also very productive (I memorized the 50 states alphabetically in under an hour), I don’t even want to go to sleep at midnight.  So far so good it seems!